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Description of RantCell - Network Speed Test

RantCell application is a true network benchmark tool to measure the key performance indicators (KPI) such as data speed, voice calls, ping (latency) ,dropped calls of 2G(GSM,GPRS,EDGE),3G (UMTS,HSDPA,HSPA,HSPA+),4G(LTE) ,Wi-Fi and CDMA phone network by performing repetitive speedtest,ping (latency) and voice calls.


 Only android app in the world to transform your smart phone into network test tool.

 Perform outdoor drive tests and indoor tests with RantCell app

 Perform long repetitive speedtest to get average values on of 2G(GPRS,EDGE,GSM),3G (UMTS,HSDPA,HSPA,HSPA+),4G(LTE) ,Wi-Fi and CDMA

 FTP download and upload for speedtest

 Everything about your network coverage, performance ,signal quality and data speeds.

 Tests download speed (downlink), upload speed (uplink), packet drops, round-trip delay time(RTT) values and latency

 Two data units in kbps, Mbps

 Performs voice calls to get the call setup success rates % (Dropped call) and setup time.

 Perform long repetitive ping test and voice call test

 Vital information about the test IP address, operator name, connection type, signal strength (RSSI), MNC, MCC, Cell ID (CID), LAC and PSC

 Information about signal strength RSRP, RSRQ and Physical cell ID (PCI) for 4G

 Finds location of the device (Latitude, Longitude) and also can find where you did tests.

 Ability to customize time interval between tests, the number of FTP connections and number of iterations.

 Detailed information about the tests (measured value of download/upload/ping, connection type and call status)

 Logs maps information while running tests

 Test results shown on graphical UI

 Maintains history of test results data.

 Perform post analysis by export of test result and share results in csv format (Requires In app purchase)

 Identify areas with coverage issues and dropped calls.

 Perfect android app for test automation of speedtest, latency and call test.

 Percentage of call setup success and average data speed can be measured.

 Capable of identifying dropped calls through test automation.

 All vital information such as signal strength, coverage, Cell ID and operator name is captured in the background while tests are progressing on the RantCell app.

Use Cases:

 As a field test tool for speed test and benchmark cellular net.

 Identify ping (latency) on GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi and CDMA

 App can be installed on multiple devices and use it as a load generator.

 Identify phone congestion issues by running long iterations test campaign (Load Generator)

 Comparison of performance (KPI) with other operators for example Vodafone, EE, 02 (With multiple devices)

 Validation of services on cellular net.

 To get mobile coverage information

 Configure your own FTP server to get more accurate measurements.

Supports and detect network types, of 2G(GPRS,EDGE,GSM),3G (UMTS,HSDPA,HSPA,HSPA+),4G(LTE) ,Wi-Fi ,CDMA and CDMA EVDO.

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